Next polls will be fair under AL govt

Let people decide who will run the country

Published : 25 May 2023 08:19 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina again made it clear that the next general election in Bangladesh will be held under her Awami League government and it will be free and fair. She came up with this statement while addressing a session titled “In conversation with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina” at the Qatar Economic Forum (QEF) at the Raffles Hotel in Qatar.

It is clear to all that Bangabandhu’s worthy daughter Sheikh Hasina will not grab state power like military dictators Ziaur Rahman and HM Ershad. People of Bangladesh have trust in Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as she was able to address all the crises and challenges the nation witnessed in the last four decades.

BNP’s failure plunged Bangladesh into extreme uncertainty and distress. BNP leaders failed in running the government and set an instance of showing extreme irresponsibility as an opposition party. 

It needs no emphasising

 that without election there

 is no way to come to power

The countrymen never believe the statements of a political party like the BNP, which is isolated from the public. For the past 14 years the BNP leaders have been continuously calling for movements but people did not respond to their call yet.

People have not forgotten the plights and misrules they experienced during the BNP’s era in the past. The nature of the BNP's undemocratic politics, hidden in packet of falsehood, is now clear to the people. 

During the reign of the BNP the country was turned into a state of lawlessness and religious extremism, extreme communalism and militancy had emerged.

This is up to them whether they will take part in or boycott the election. 

But they should take part in the next general elections for their own existence in political landscape. It needs no emphasising that without election there is no way to come to power.