Newly built road collapses in Jashore

Published : 06 Jan 2022 09:13 PM

The repair work of 3.2 km from Hogladanga to Hazirhat on the Manirampur-Nawapara road in Jashore district was completed in March last year. But less than a month, 5-6 places of the road have collapsed into the adjacent ponds.

The road has multiple potholes and locals fear that sinkholes can be formed underneath the road structure. Which is now a death trap for pedestrians. Small vehicles and passengers are in trouble even though they are able to move with a good portion of the road. Large vehicles have to cross the hole with risk.

Passengers have to get down from the vehicle and cross the broken part for fear of their lives. Pedestrians are suffering because the potholes are not repaired. Although the road has been dilapidated for the last nine months, the contractor has not taken any initiative to repair it.

Locals say that Manirampur-Nawapara road is one of the busiest roads in Manirampur.

The road was neglected for many years. The road was unusable due to old asphalt and cobblestone. Work on 3.2 km of the road was started at a cost of Tk 2.5 crore.Shahrul Islam, a contractor from Jashore, is in charge of the work. Meanwhile, pedestrians will have to suffer again because of the big holes in the road in a few months.

There are several ponds on both sides of the road from Hogladanga to Hazirhat Bazar.

Allegedly, the road work has been done without obstructing the banks of the ponds with concrete.

Obstacles on both sides of the road have been cut and the side soil has been cut and thrown back on the road. Low quality bricks chips has been used in the renovation work.As a result, the road has been given.

Meanwhile, a month after the completion of the work, upon hearing the news of the collapse of the road, the broken part was immediately filled with soil. Those parts are now breaking down and growing larger than before. Locals complained that the contractor worked at night with low quality materials. 

Pranab Biswas, UP member of Ward 9 of Haridaskati Union said that this road is a little far from Hazirhat Bazar, in front of Panchbaria College and in several places including Panchbaria Bazar. These parts of the road have to be crossed at risk. Then the Upazila Engineer's Office along with the contractor said to repair the road quickly. Later they did not take any initiative in this regard.

Deputy Assistant Engineer (SO) Neyamat Ali said that the collapsed sites will be repaired so that the road become fully built again.