New Venom accepting his role as Marvel's Terminator

Published : 05 Dec 2021 09:35 PM

After the events of the ‘King In Black’, Eddie Brock has become the new Lord of the Abyss, taking over Knull’s former position, and with that change came another in the form of an all-new Venom who has accepted his role as Marvel’s ‘Terminator’. That isn’t to say the new Venom is a murderous robot from the future, it's more like the series itself is taking on more aspects from the Terminator franchise, even including the series’ most iconic line in the latest issue. 

In Venom #2 by Ram V and Bryan Hitch, Eddie Brock’s son Dylan is recovering from the apparent death of his father while also coming to terms with his new symbiote companion. In this current run, Dylan Brock is the new Venom since Eddie’s physical body is apparently dead and his consciousness is controlling the hive mind of every symbiote in the universe. In this issue, Dylan is seeking the help of an old ally of Eddie Brock's named Archer Lyle, all the while having a private army on his back making attempts on his life. In the end, Dylan finds Lyle who, upon their meeting, delivers Kyle Reese’s iconic line from The Terminator, “Come with me if you want to live”. 

Aside from the perfectly timed, placed, and delivered Terminator line, the latest Venom series has made some striking comparisons between itself and the popular killer android franchise. For instance, the main cover art for issue two features Eddie Brock’s Venom melting and bubbling in a sea of fire which is incredibly reminiscent of the death of the villainous android T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day when he is thrown into what appeared to be a vat of lava. In the first issue of the new Venom series, Eddie Brock even gets a message from the future delivered by a mysterious figure who he doesn’t recognize, but who knows him by name and title. That scene was similar to the entire plot of The Terminator when Kyle Reese goes back in time to warn Sarah Connor of the seemingly inevitable future. 

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