Tourists will no longer ‘lose their way’ in the district

New tourism map launched in Sylhet

Published : 15 Nov 2022 08:42 PM

Sylhet is full of breathtaking natural beauty. There are many scenic tourist spots in this section. Thousands of tourists flock to these tourist areas every day. 

Considering these tourists, the administration of Sylhet has created the 'Sylhet Tourism Map'. Tourists will benefit from this. Tourists can make travel plans through this map. Officials said that they have taken such initiatives for the convenience of tourists. Tourists concerned have welcomed such an initiative. 

It is known that all the beautiful tourist centers are spread in Sylhet full of mountains, waterfalls, and greenery. Surrounded by green hills, rivers, forests, springs, and tea gardens are all here. Tourists and travel lovers came to see the diverse beauty of Sylhet. One by one, they visited most of the sightseeing places of Sylhet. However, many travelers could not visit many places due to a lack of time and planning. Due to this, the administration of Sylhet has prepared a map for the convenience of tourists. This 'Sylhet Tourism Map' shows the distance of Sylhet’s attractions and places. By this, the visitors can easily know about the important places of the district. By knowing the distance from Sylhet Circuit House to all the sightseeing places, tourists can make a 'tour plan' for all the visitors from home and abroad with this map. Moreover, by scanning the 'QR Code' displayed on the map, travel enthusiasts will get information about prominent hotels, rent-a-cars, CNG auto-rickshaws, buses, etc. in the district. In particular, visitors can get information about all other facilities related to travel and report complaints to the deputy commissioner. A hotline number (01904667956) has been launched for this purpose. Banners and publicity work containing this information will be pulled at various important places including tourist spots. There will be extensive campaigning, especially at bus terminals, airports, railway stations, and public places. 

Sylhet Deputy Commissioner Mujibur Rahman said - 'We have taken this initiative for the convenience of tourists. 'Sylhet Tourism Map' will be drawn at various important places including tourist spots. Therefore, that tourists can quickly make their 'tour plan'. We are working towards that goal. We have already identified some of the reasons for the difficulties through a survey. I will start the work if I get the grant from the concerned ministry. Tourists cannot visit all the spots without proper guidance; this map will give the tourists a fair idea about all the spots.

The Deputy Commissioner also said that portable changing rooms are being arranged at every spot for the convenience of tourists. Apart from this, discussions have also been held with the police to set up service centers at the spots for the safety of tourists.

He also said that tourists would not be confused when they come to Sylhet. At the same time, you can travel according to your choice by getting an idea about all the spots together. Sylhet's tourism industry will go further if our grand plan is implemented. We have also launched a 24-hour hotline number for tourists to listen to their concerns. Our officials will be engaged round-the-clock in cooperation with tourists.