New sections of Nateshwar temple discovered in Munshiganj

Published : 17 Apr 2022 09:00 PM

Five octagonal stupas and ‘Dharmachakras’ have been discovered at Nateshwar temple in Munshiganj. Researchers say that this discovery is very significant in the history of Bangladesh. The official announcement was made by the culture secretary on Saturday. Such an interesting antiquity five meters below the ground. First part of the ancient brick walls. Then came the boundary wall, the stupa hall-Mandap and the brick walls. But the walls are much damaged. Brick hijackers have caused a lot of damage to this architecture. However, the topography of the scoop is clear.

This time the octagonal stupa is the 5th stupa in Nateshwar Deul. Excavations since 2013 have revealed four more octagonal stupa at Nateshwar Deul. This ‘Dharmachakra’ has been built by placing bricks vertically on a square foundation, much like the wheels of a bullock cart. Crowds of curious people have flocked to see this new discovery. The founder of this excavation work is the founder of Bikrampur and the project director of the archeological excavation and research project in Bikrampur area. Nuh-ul-Alam Lenin said that each of the five octagonal stupas discovered so far in the temple was built in two stages. Larger architectures were built in the early stages on a smaller scale and later on by increasing the terrestrial architecture; The original stage stupa is covered by the later stage stupa architecture.

Jahangirnagar University Department of Archeology and the research director of the project, Professor Sufi Mustafizur Rahman said that this archeological site of Bikrampur, a city of ancient civilization, has further enriched the history of Bangladesh. The door of immense potential of tourism is also being opened.

Secretary of Culture Abul Mansoor said that effective steps should be taken to protect the discovered artefacts. The excavation is going on over an area of about 10 acres. The octagonal Buddhist stupa and ‘Dharmachakra’ discovered in the ninth stage came out in a six-month excavation. Researchers say the discovery is rare in the country's archeological history.

It will enrich the history of the ancient civilization and the country as well as open new doors for research and tourism. The archeological site was discovered on Saturday afternoon by the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and other people involved in research and excavation work. Later a press conference was held on the occasion. After that a brief discussion meeting was held.

Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Md Abul Mansur spoke as the chief guest.

Progressive Bikrampur Foundation President and Director General of the Department of Archeology Ratan Chandra Pandit, Chairman of Tongibari Upazila Parishad Director Rakhi Roy and Upazila Awami League general secretary Kabir Haldar were present at the spot.