New safety regulations for apartment buildings

Authorities decide on height of apartments

Dhaka city authority has decided to only allow construction of eight storied buildings in the capital. Two more floors may be added upon taking special permission. The decision has been made under the Detailed Area Plan (DAP) of the city authority.

According to the new draft of the DAP, the height of buildings has been fixed in Dhaka and Gazipur. The authorities have taken the decision to not allow high rise building construction over ten-storey. 

RAJUK recently held an Urban Resilience Project on Earthquake preparedness meeting and warned building owners of strict action if they disobey government instructions. The decision to limit the height of buildings has been taken to reduce the population pressure in the central area of the capital. Fragile areas have been identified by the authorities and the city authority has taken this decision to ensure balanced development of various areas.

Currently, the capital city suffers from poor planning and lack of regard to safety regulations during construction. The recent tragic accidents such as FR Tower and Churihatta fire tragedies highlighted the plight of the people living in the capital city under precarious conditions. 

In case of  natural disasters such as 

earthquakes, the closely packed 

buildings will come tumbling

 down like domino pieces

Therefore the city authority’s has formulated this initiative under the DAP Plan (2016-2035) to build the entire area as a habitable and planned city. Unplanned urban sprawl in the capital is responsible for many of the tragic accidents that have taken place. Moreover, the residents of the city live in uninhabitable conditions.

Buildings are constructed with no regard to safety rules in absolutely congested conditions. In case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, the closely packed buildings will come tumbling down like domino pieces. Therefore the government should also enforce spacing between buildings as well. 

Planned urban development and improved infrastructure will undoubtedly enhance the living conditions of the residents. The city badly needs an infrastructure overhaul, as years of unchecked development has left it in dire straits. 

We hope that the new rule is enforced and all types of constructions are closely monitored by the city authorities. Those who disregard safety rules must be strictly penalized as they continue to jeopardize the lives of thousands of people.