New project for road safety

Timely execution must be ascertained

There is always a pressure on the government about creating safe roads in the capital for people because of the number of deaths that occur every year due to road accidents. However, this time there is good news for the citizens as the government has taken up a new project for developing the traffic infrastructures aimed at ensuring road safety in the northern area of the city.

The project named ‘Road Safety including Development of Traffic Infrastructure in Dhaka North City Corporation Area’ suggests that it envelops the development of both traffic infrastructure namely, road development, development of sewers and pavements, construction of passenger shelters, development of foot over bridges and construction of escalators on foot over bridges. On the other hand, there is also sense of development that circles this project as it boasts of modernity and technological implementation in the northern area of the city.

It will be a good leap and can be

considered as model steps to be

 followed in other cities

As per a report published in this daily, total three projects were passes in an Ecnec meeting presided by the Prime Minister where the total estimated cost of the projects is Tk 5189.69 crore. However, the project involving the road safety of Dhaka north city costs around Tk 319.23 crore. The report also emphasises that the project will be finished by June 2023. This bodes well as it will be a good leap and can be considered as model steps to be followed in other cities for implementing similar projects for uplift of traffic infrastructure to reduce accidents on roads.

Above all, we hope that the number of horrific accidents that take place in the city can be curbed substantially. Also, any and all irregularities and mismanagement while the implementation of the project must be removed and timely execution must be ascertained. Not only this, there is also the need for considering such development projects in the other metro cities of the country for sustainable development of the country.