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New policy for posting of OCs mulled

Published : 29 Oct 2020 08:54 PM

Police headquarters is going to formulate a new policy for posting of Officer-in-Charge (OC) across the country.

The new policy will be formulated with a view to stopping a person holding the post of OC at the same station for longer time.

 There are also allegations that OCs are often appointed following the advice from the influential quarters.

To bring about an end to the alleged irregularities, a new policy is being formulated for the post of OC. It will be decided how long a police officer can stay in the post of OC.

If the new policy comes into force, no one will have the opportunity to hold the post of OC for years together. Besides, the present police administration is giving importance to honesty, efficiency and competence for all the posts including OC. Training has also been arranged in all the units of the force for good behaviour to the common people.

Inspector General of Police Dr Benazir Ahmed said the appointment will be based on merit, skill and good track record. They want to stop the unwanted race for becoming OC. 

The policy will be implemented with the permission of the government. We want to send a strong message not only to the OCs, but also to those who have helped the bad guys in their area because of their long tenure in other police posts, he added.

 There will be a realistic transfer and posting policy for members of the police force. Those who do not treat people humanely, engage in dishonest activities, will not be able to get a good position in their service.  The IGP said, "Our dream is to have the police as the cleanest organization. They will be trained in such a way that the people will be able to repose their trust in them. The members of police who cause harassment to the people will not be considered for important posts and transfers.”

He however, said, if a member of the police qualifies himself from a specialized unit, he will be encouraged. The government has created many special units of the police. 

 He said it is also true that the police is a huge organization. If you change everything overnight, there will be a chance of making a mistake. Policies are being carefully formulated after a lot of analyses.

Dr. Benazir Ahmed said the police has about 6,000 posts of inspectors. The number of police stations is 650. But everyone dreams of becoming OC. 

We want healthy competition among the good officers to go for the post of OC, he stated. 

The policy will stipulate the maximum number of years an OC can stay at a police station.

DMP Commissioner and President of the Police Service Association Md Shafiqul Islam said we want to completely stop the way of taking illegal advantage of the position. 

The environment is being created so that those who are honest, competent and efficient also get postings in good places.