New MPO policy on the cards

Credibility of the amended policy must be scrutinised

As reported by his daily on Friday, the government is going to publish the new policy in an official gazette immediately to bring the educational institutions under the monthly pay order (MPO). Reportedly, some major changes have been made in the draft of the new policy, simplifying the previous MPO policy.

According to the new policy, the number of students in the respective educational institutions must be increased to get the MPO registration. The revised policy states that a college in rural area must have at least 240 students to get the MPO registration.

As it would be difficult to find so many students in the remote educational institutions, MPO registration for new educational institutions will be more complicated than before. Therefore, authorities concerned should address this matter with due gravity before approving the amended MPO policy.

Authorities concerned should address the 

loopholes in amended MPO policy with 

due importance before approving it

MPO is the government’s share in the payroll of the non-government educational institutions. Under the scheme, the government gives 100 percent of the basic salaries to the teachers of non-government schools.

MPO policy had remained suspended for six years during the tenure of the then BNP-led alliance government. In 2010, the Awami League-led government reintegrated the MPO facility enlisting 1,624 private secondary and higher secondary schools and colleges in the MPO scheme.

Though inclusion of MPO depends on development of the infrastructure and the number of students and results, using political influence, institutions of lower standard have been enrolled in the MPO list while better ones have been left out.

Earlier, for several times, we have witnessed gross irregularities regarding the inclusion of MPO of the non government educational institutions. Educational institutions were allegedly enlisted in the MPO due to political influence rather than qualification. This should not be repeated. There should not be any nepotism, regional 

discrimination and political influence in the process of MPO enlistment.