New initiative to speed up execution of Delta Plan

A fresh initiative has been taken to accelerate the pace of implementation of the comprehensive plan known as ‘Delta Plan-2100’.

In view of this, the government has undertaken 80 new projects to accelerate the execution process of the projects to be implemented by 2030 with the view to harness the huge potentials of Bangladesh, officials said.

Meanwhile, the cabinet has formed a 12-member council led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as the chairperson of this council and issued a notification on July 1. 

The Planning Minister has been made the Vice-Chairman of the Council, it said.

Since the committee has been headed by the Prime Minister, it is the highest important plan for the government, a senior official of cabinet division said.  

The plan is expected to boost the country’s GDP (gross domestic product) growth by another 1.5 percent every year. It would also ensure food and water security.

Planning Minister MA Mannan told Bangladesh Post, "We have made Delta Plan for the development of the country. We want the new generation to expand and change this outline. We can and we have the resources.”

He said that the government adopted Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 with the aim of ensuring long term water and food security, economic growth and environmental sustainability.

It also will help by effectively reducing vulnerability to natural disasters and building resilience to climate change and other delta challenges through robust, adaptive and integrated strategies, and equitable water governance, he mentioned.

Coastal, drought-prone Barendra (Barind), flood-prone haor, Chittagong Hill Tracts, riverine and urban are the six areas identified as priority areas by the Delta Plan, the planning minister said.

Sheikh Hasina's government is working to establish a civilized, science-based, progressive and developed society, Mamnan said adding that, investment is essential for this. 

As part of its move, the government has invested more for this and is still doing, he said. 

Asked about Covid-19 crisis, the Planning Minister said, “The Delta Plan is a long-time plan. That is why we can add or deduct any idea, if it is necessary to implement under the plan.” 

He added that the government will take some projects under its annual development programme on the basis of the Delta Plan.

However, the National Economic Council (NEC) on 4 September 2018 had approved the much anticipated Delta Plan 2100 in a bid to tap the huge potentials of Bangladesh as a delta country through water resources management, ensuring food and water security and tackling disasters.

The short-term measures of the plan will be implemented by 2030, while the mid-term ones by 2050 and the long-term ones by 2100.

The members of the Delta Governance Council are the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Food, the Minister of Lands and the Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change.

A member of the General Economics Department of the Planning Commission has been made the Member Secretary of this Council.