New hope in energy

Implement govt’s decisions immediately

Published : 29 Nov 2022 07:20 PM

The acute energy crisis is likely to go away by next year. According to a story headlined ‘New hope in energy’ published in this 

newspaper on Tuesday, the ongoing acute gas and power crisis in the country is likely to ease by next year as the government has taken several initiatives to increase supply. 

Imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are expected to increase in the coming months. It is expected that the gas crisis will be reduced remarkably in various sectors. The government will import gas or fuel from different sources. 

Already, several countries including Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Brunei have shown interest in supplying LNG. The government is trying to negotiate a long-term LNG import contract. In this regard, a delegation headed by State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid visited Brunei recently. 

Bangladesh is going to import 1 to 1.5 million metric tons of LNG annually from Brunei Darussalam from the beginning of 2023. Departments concerned are holding bilateral and trilateral meetings to bring natural gas within this year and the next year initially under short term agreement.

We all have to be economical

 in using electricity for the 

greater good of our country

The government has paid due attention to extracting gas from its own fields and exploring fresh wells. As part of the move, it may also import fuel and energy under private arrangement. 

Besides, cabinet on Monday gave final approval to the draft of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (Amendment) Ordinance 2022 empowering the government to set fuel tariff on its own under special circumstances.

BERC can wait for up to 90 days to review and take a decision on fixing tariff rates, which is a lengthy process. When the BERC (Amendment) Bill 2022 will be passed in the Parliament, the government will be able to set energy prices on an urgent basis in a situation like what prevails now without waiting for BERC's decision.

The government’s hard work to overcome the ongoing energy shortage, will ensure smooth supply of gas to the industrial sector. 

As the government has made collective efforts to face the prevailing challenges in energy sector we are hopeful about gaining better outcomes in coming days.

The officials and employees the ministry of power, energy and mineral resources and other authorities concerned should start working sincerely to implement the government’s decisions immediately. Also, we all have to be economical in using electricity for the greater good of our country.