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New Ferrari Roma come from the Maserati Alfieri

Published : 17 Nov 2019 06:52 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 06:09 AM

Despite Ferrari’s design being heavily criticized in recent years, most people agree that the new Ferrari Roma is one of the best looking Ferraris in a long time. Maranello’s latest twin-turbo V8 GT appears sleek and reserved, and it is being compared to other low-key supercars such as Aston Martins or Porsches. Yes, these days you can be classy and minimal while also having 612 Horsepower, launching from 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds, and sounding like an Italian monster. This is all thanks to the sweeping elegant design of the Roma.

Though the new F-car is not as flashy as the recent SF90 Stradale, there is definitely a strong essence of Ferrari design language on display. The headlights and nose are very similar to the topless Ferrari Monza, which harkens to Ferraris of the 60s, and the big back end with quad tail lights and exhaust resemble other GT models like the 612 or 456. So yes, this is a real Ferrari with real Ferrari numbers. Or is it?

Rumor has it that the newest prancing horse has a more direct Italian influence, only it isn’t technically from Ferrari. Yes, we have gotten word that the Ferrari Roma came from the Maserati Alfieri, not the Ferrari Portofino as the layout and specs may suggest. The Alfieri was revealed as a concept car in 2014, and production has been delayed until 2020 when it will replace the current GranTurismo. While the Alfieri is expected with various V6 engine options, and even an plug-in hybrid version, the concept was presented with the iconic Ferrari 136 V8 Engine. But the most convincing evidence of the Ferrari Roma having Maserati roots is in comparing it’s design with the Alfieri side-by-side.

The Alfieri’s sharp LED headlights and nose, the multi-piece front splitter and front wheel arches, and the rounded rear with horizontal tail lights all favor the Ferrari Roma. After 5 years of development and a new generation of V8 Ferrari engines, it is easy to see how the Roma could have been birthed from outside Maranello. 2020 should prove us right, as the Maserati Alfieri will make its production debut.

Regardless of the origin of the Ferrari Roma, the car will sell very well. We will eventually see how this new offering compares to its class on the track and in the real world, but on paper the Roma looks very impressive. If Ferrari is going to keep making more models and increase production numbers, I’m at least glad they are stealing customers from the likes of Aston Martin and Mercedes AMG.

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