New EC formed

Gain people’s trust

Published : 27 Feb 2022 07:42 PM

We extend our heartiest congratulation to the newly appointed Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and four other Election Commissioners (ECs). President M Abdul Hamid on Saturday formed the fresh Election Commission (EC) with former Senior Secretary Kazi Habibul Awal as the new CEC. He also appointed a former judge, two former civil servants and a retired military officer as election commissioners. As all of those who have been appointed as the CEC and other commissioners had discharged their duties with efficiency, honesty and capability in their careers, we expect that they will fulfill people’s hopes and aspirations likewise they did in the past.

President Hamid appointed the CEC and the ECs from the recommended list of 10 names submitted by the Search Committee, which was constituted on February 5 as per the newly enacted 'Chief Election Commissioner and Other Election Commissioners Appointment Act 2022'. The search committee had selected 10 people from the proposed names, holding seven meetings and four meetings with 47 eminent personalities to garner suggestions over the EC formation.

The new commission should strive 

to ensure participation of all political 

parties in the national polls

We believe that the newly appointed CEC along with four other commissioners will make their highest efforts for strengthening the constitutional body that would be able to conduct national and local elections in a free, fair and credible manner in the days to come.

The new CEC and commissioners must keep in mind that the public confidence in each step of an electoral process of any election either national or local is very important and critical to the integrity and credibility of the poll. In this regard, their first responsibility should be find a way-out to ensure country’s all political parties that they are committed to hold free, fair and neutral elections in the country.

The new commission should strive to ensure participation of all political parties in the national polls.  From now on, it should be more careful in doing any activity relating to arranging polls in the country. The new CEC and commissioners must continue their relentless efforts to uphold the image of new commission.

Apart from these, the new commission must provide level playing field to all political parties so that candidates will be able to conduct campaigns and they will not face any obstacles. Country’s people expect that the next general elections should be held in a free, fair, neutral and peaceful manner with the participation of all parties. In this regard, all political parties should extend all-out support to the new commission in holding free, fair and participatory elections. Therefore, political parties should refrain themselves from making any illogical comments centering the commission only for taking political advantage. We hope that the newly formed commission will be able to fulfill the expectations of the people.