New curriculum in schools, colleges

Devise measures to improve quality of education

Published : 14 Sep 2021 08:49 PM | Updated : 14 Sep 2021 11:51 PM

There will be no subject-based group divisions like science, business studies and humanities from Class IX to X while primary education completion (PEC) examinations in Class V and junior school certificate (JSC) examinations in Class VIII will be withdrawn from next year. We appreciate the government’s decision as it will bring about a qualitative change in traditional education system to make academic learning enjoyable for our students.

The fresh curriculum attaches importance on lessening students' pressure on textbooks and decreasing students' dependency on memorisation. According to the government's latest move, daily study routine would be completed in classroom. 

The new curriculum will bring about a qualitative 

change in traditional education system to 

make academic learning enjoyable 

We hope these initiatives will help the students in achieving good results in their public examinations. We think this step will create a friendly environment for students to participate in innovative activities for their proper mental and physical growth. 

It has been noticed over the last few years that just before the public examinations like PEC, JSC, SSC and HSC, different criminals in associations with some dishonest government staffs used to leaked questions. Both students and guardians were seen busy in collecting question papers in exchange of money.     

On the other hand, the student from pre-primary level to Class XII will also would be able to have vast knowledge on the country’s history and culture and the great Liberation War to instill spirit of independence into them.

We think a committee of experts from education ministry and primary and mass education ministry will formulate the framework of the new national curriculum as early as possible. And the new curriculum will make our education system time-befitting, keeping pace with global educational advancement.