New cinema Neelanjana released on Bongo platform

Coronavirus lockdown could not prevent the release of new films thanks to the online platforms. Kolkata-based new Bangla film ‘Neelanjana’ has been released on Bangladesh based entertainment platform Bongo.

The access is free, Bongo said as they have opened all of their contents for public from the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown in March. 

Kolkata based film director Orko made the film based on the famous song Neelanjana by popular artist Nachiketa. Actress Priyanka Sarker and actor Moinak Bandapaddhay are seen in the main characters in the film.

The plot of “Neelanjana” is based on the main character Priyanka who gets stuck in an official hassle and it brings an unknown storm in her life. Her life turns to a new direction this seems like the reality that many people are going through due to current lockdown. 

“In this context, director and the producer of the new film “Neelanjana” have taken an amazing decision to release the cinema on Bongo platform,” Bongo said.

“From the beginning, Bongo has given free access for all considering the needs of the people staying at home so that they can pass time watching drama, cinema or telefilms.”