New character Amira joins Sisimpur

Published : 23 Feb 2024 09:15 PM

The 16th season of Sisimpur, the beloved show by kids, is about to premiere. Julia, Halum, Tuktuki, Ikri, Shiku, and others will make new appearances in this new season. Amira, another new friend, will also be joining them this season, aside from this. Amira is a unique addition to the Sisimpur cast. She is a naturally born leader and a self-assured young man. He uses a wheelchair occasionally and crutches the majority of the time.

The new season will feature some fantastic new animated content on mathematics, science, and healthy habits. Additionally, there will be live-action film segments featuring children and their caregivers, as well as segments with Ikri for learning the alphabet, and segments with Tuktuki for learning numbers.

The slogan of the new season, created with the financial support of USAID/Bangladesh, is: 'After fifteen comes sixteen, we will all stand by each other'. New Season 16 episodes will be seen on RTV, Duronto TV, and Maasranga Television.

The 16th season of Sisimpur has been framed with a focus on inclusiveness and self-care. In addition, through fun stories, topics such as pre-math, pre-reading, autism, the importance of nutritious food, analytical thinking, overcoming gender stereotypes, and respecting diversity will be highlighted. There will be great animations on math, health care, and science. And live-action films about children. Apart from this, in each episode of 'Knowing Letters with Ikri' and 'Knowing Numbers with Tuktuki', Ikri will recognize one letter and one number with Tuktuki.

The episodes of the 16th season are narrative, 'Tuktukir Baniye Kheli' and 'Halumer Tumio Paro' which contains three formats. Amira has participated in this episode in addition to Sisimpur's friends Halum, Tuktuki, Ikri, Shiku, and her new friend Julia. Apart from this, there are also disabled, marginalized, and tribal children. And the other regular characters of Sisimpur are still there. A notable feature of this season is the use of sign language in some episodes for speech- and hearing-impaired children.

The Director of USAID Mission Reed Aeschliman and The Department of Primary Education's Additional Director General Uttam Kumar Das formally opened Sisimpur's 16th season on February 20. Along with many other kind people, USAID/Bangladesh Deputy Mission Director Randy Ali, Education Office Director Sonia Reynolds Cooper, Asiatic Co-Chairman Sara Zaker, BTV Director Jagdish Esh, RTV CEO Syed Ashiq Rahman, and Chief of Party of 'USAID Sisimpur' Project Mohammad Shah Alam attended the opening of the new season at the Bengal Studio Auditorium in Tejgaon, the capital. They were accompanied by Bahadur, Ikri, Shiku, Tuktuki, Halum, Julia, and Sisimpur's new friend, Amira.

"Sisimpur," which was constructed with financial assistance from USAID, has been operating under the pre-primary child development program since 2005 with the mission of "making children everywhere more accomplished, stronger, and kinder." The Ministry of Women and Child Affairs is funding the Sisimpur program, while the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is funding the school-based initiatives.