Neurosurgeon crisis in country

Most patients deprived of treatment

The country is suffering from a deficiency of neurosurgeons in the health sector. As healthcare sector is one of the SGDs which the country is planning to fulfill within a very short time, neuro medicine or neurosurgery is one of the top points in the to-do list. As the healthcare sector got special recognition from the international community, it is very important for the government to focus on this important aspect of healthcare.

According to a report published in this daily, there is a severe deficiency of neurosurgeons in the country. To be exact the number is only around 160. This puts the tally of public to neurosurgeon ratio at one million to ten. Moreover, it is very disconcerting news that most of these practitioners are located in and around the big metro cities. This keeps the rural people out of the sphere of treatment for neurological ailments.

This is a crucial and deficient

 aspect in the healthcare sector

The importance of neurological treatment for the common people cannot be emphasized enough. The healthcare sector should be focused on by the government so that the number of medical practitioners in terms with patients can be brought into balance. The current situation of imbalance in the ratio of doctors to patients has caused a well-known scenario of patients being called in and sent out of doctors’ chambers in mere minutes. This is prevalent in most public and government medical institutes.

The authorities concerned should take appropriate steps so that the number of public neurosurgeons can be increased. This is a crucial and deficient aspect in the healthcare sector. Even though the government is planning to expand healthcare services without increasing the number of apt doctors in respective fields the masses cannot avail the medical services which they need.

This is a very important aspect which the government should focus on as it is planning to fulfill the SDGs and take Bangladesh along the path of development.