Nazrul University’s main gate becomes death trap

Titly Das

The main gate of Kazi Nazrul Islam University located 3.2 km from the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway in Mymensigh becomes a death trap for the students as well as people of the area.  The only road used for transport of all types of transportation to the University is the connecting ground at Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, and there is no foot over bridge for crossing the road. 

 Transports with university teachers, students, officers, and employees move at high risk.  More than 30 times a day, more than 1,000 members are travel along this route.  Teachers and students are in danger of major accidents because there is no speed breakers or over bridge. At this point on the same road, two students from the CSE department of the university named Asif and Mamun died on 28 December 2015.  

After the movement of the students, the university administration and the local administration assured them of constructing speed breaker and foot over bridge.  Five years have passed since the accident, but neither the speed breaker nor the over-bridge are visible.  There are frequent accidents there. 

Repeated assurances did not actually yield effective results. This place becomes more terrible in the nigh.  There is no lighting system at the main gate. Waste is being thrown around.  The administration has no eye on gate maintenance.  The university administration is conducting transport activities in an unsafe manner, which is causing anger among the students.

Student Mostafizur Rahman said, "We go to Mymensingh with the suspicion of accidents. We are afraid that when other bus trucks push in. This is our death trap. Earlier, the university administration had assured us. However, the results were nothing I want to see the real look of the over bridge. "

Employees of various business establishments around the main gate said, "Often vehicles are confined to this place, when negotiations can be made between the two sides. There will be stiff braking spots on the road, one foot over bridge here and one on both sides.  Will benefit. "

"We see this problem as a problem too," said Proctor Dr. Ujjal Kumar Prodhan.  He also said,”We are working with our university administration and the concerned department and local administration to resolve this.  I hope this problem can be resolved in a short time. "