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Natalie pitches Mighty Thor/Captain Marvel team-up in MCU movie

Published : 25 Jun 2022 11:34 PM | Updated : 26 Jun 2022 03:52 PM

Thor: Love and Thunder star Natalie Portman thinks a Mighty Thor and Captain Marvel team-up should happen in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. After nearly a decade of not being involved with the Marvel franchise, Natalie Portman returns as Jane Foster in Phase 4's Thor: Love and Thunder. It comes after Portman left the Thor movies following a poor experience on Thor: The Dark World. The days of Jane strictly being Thor's girlfriend and a scientist are over, though, as her Phase 4 return includes the exciting development of her becoming Mighty Thor.

The superhero transformation for Jane Foster was one of the earliest confirmed details about Thor: Love and Thunder, as Portman walked onto the stage at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 to hold Mjölnir. Most audiences have since been very excited to see how the MCU handles Jane's Mighty Thor story, especially considering the personal effect the transformation has on her in the comics. It appears Marvel nailed her comeback and superhero debut, as Portman is one of the movie's aspects that have been praised in Thor: Love and Thunder early reactions. As a result, there is even more interest in seeing her role continue. 

Portman attended the world premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder last night and walked the red carpet, where she talked to a variety of outlets. When she stopped to speak to Variety, one of the questions she was asked was which MCU superheroes she wants Mighty Thor to team up with next. After taking a moment to think and praise her experience working with Chris Hemsworth's Thor and Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie, Portman lands on her choice: Brie Larson's Captain Marvel. She says, "I love Captain Marvel. Brie is a dear friend so that would be a fun one."

Marvel Studios has yet to reveal what Mighty Thor's MCU future will be after Thor: Love and Thunder. There has been plenty of hope that Portman will keep playing the character now that she has a bigger role. -Collider

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