Nasreen Sultana turns her fate with earthworm compost

Published : 14 Sep 2021 08:51 PM

Nasreen Sultana a youth of Barbakpur village in Gadkhali union under Jhikargachha upazila of Jashore district has become an example for local women.

She has become a successful woman entrepreneur by making organic manure of earthworm compost, better known as Vermi compost, alongside continuing her education. 

She started this eco-friendly earthworm compost manure production initiative considering the overuse of chemical fertilizers that reduces soil fertility and cause damage to human health. As this fertilizer plays an important role in maintaining the health of the soil. She has applied for Bangabandhu Krishi Padak-2021 and Bangamata Fazilatunnesa Krishi Padak recently.

Nasrin Sultana is the daughter of Lutfar Rahman of Barbakpur village. She is the younger one of two siblings. Nasrin passed Upazila Agricultural College with Diploma in Agriculture education. She has completed Honors from the Department of Social Sciences of Jhikargacha Women's Degree College under the National University.

Five years ago, she started her journey with 100 grams of earthworms in two large earthenware pots with two baskets of dung manure. The manure made from it in the first year was used by her father Lutfar Rahman on the land. In the beginning her classmates, even the neighbors used to laughed at her project but, now they are all enthusiastic and many of them are inclined to make this earthworm compost manure themselves.

In her factory, 10-12 kg of organic manure is being made every month. There are 130 Nanda (Pots) in Nasrin's factory.In addition to providing for her own education, she is providing for her family as well from this trade. In early 2016, Ayub Hossain, Deputy Assistant Agricultural Officer of the upazila, bought 100 grams of earthworms for 150 taka. Currently, one kg of earthworm costs 1,500 taka. 

Nasreen Sultana said the total cost of constructing sheds for 130 nandas (Big Pots), enclosing the loft, fence and tent was Tk 13,000-15,000. Nasreen's father has 5 cows in her family. As a result, he does not have to buy dung.

If 200 gms of earthworm and one basket of dung are given in each nanda, (Big Pots) 12-13 kg of organic manure is obtained from it in 15-25 days. The price of one kg of organic fertilizer is 10 taka. Besides, earthworms can be sold from 500 gm to 1 kg every 2-3 months from here. The value of this fertilizer has increased in the area for making nasrin worm compost fertilizer. The farmers of the area produce crops, safe (non-toxic) vegetables

Hundreds of farmers are using earthworm compost manure on 80 percent of their land. This fertilizer can be used in all crops. Nasreen's income from this factory is 10-15 thousand taka per month.

Nasreen Sultana's mother Shiuli Begum said, Nasreen pays all the expenses including her own education and also provides for the family. Nasreen's dream is to be nominated for this year's Bangabandhu Krishi Padak and Bangamata Fazilatunnesa Krishi Padak. If the government wants, her dream will be fulfilled.

“Moreover, she has made many new factory sheds and it will create new jobs as well as ensure safe food for people. For which the support of the government and locals is needed. Given government facilities, my daughter will be able to play a special role in the development of agriculture in the world, including Bangladesh”, she added. Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Masud Hossain Palash said, Nasrin is making organic fertilizer through earthworm compost which is environmentally friendly and important in maintaining soil health.