Narsunda River now filled with wastes for lack of renovation

Published : 04 May 2023 08:52 PM

The Narsunda River has become polluted due to lack of renovation. From a distance, the river can be mistaken for a green field as the river is filled with Water Hyacinth. Even the once beautiful river has become a place of sewage for people on both banks. Besides, a large part of the river has also gone under the control of illegal encroachers. In 2016, the dredging of the river was completed, but the garbage accumulated in the river turned it into a wasteland. Now the river has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Environmental activists fear that the 32.94 km long river will die in a few years due to encroachment and pollution. Residents of the city said that most of the garbage in the city is dumped in the Narsunda River. Because of this, the river is filled with garbage. Earlier there was direct connection of Narsunda River with Brahmaputra River. At one time there was a normal flow of water in the river, but the water flow has stopped due to the dam constructed in Kaona area of Hossainpur.

On the surface, the part of Narsunda river city can be seen, the public life has become miserable due to the stench of garbage and slaughtered animal waste in the approximately one and a half kilometer walkway from Barabazar to Kacharibazar bridge built on the banks of Narsunda River. Every day all kinds of garbage from the market is dumped here. Every day, thousands of people walk on the walkways, sniffing at the strong smell of garbage. The people here also said that if someone comes through here once, they want to come a second time. Even though the municipality has put up a signboard with instructions not to throw garbage, garbage is kept piled up under the signboard.

Shahidullah, a lecturer of Tarail Muktijoddha Government College, said that the water of Narsunda River is already polluted. More and more pollution due to poor drinking. The river has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes as the water rots due to over-drinking. If we do not get rid of alcohol consumption quickly, the risk of contracting dengue will increase. 

Apart from that, many people are suffering from skin diseases due to the use of this water. Mujibur Rahman, a resident of Payabhanga village in Sadar upazila, said that there is no way to see water due to poor drinking water. Due to the need of household work, the water has a black smell even if a small space is created to prevent the water from flowing in with a bamboo fence.

Kajol, a resident of Kadirjungal Union of Karimganj Upazila, said that when the Narsunda River was dug, there was great enthusiasm among the people of the area. Fishermen in particular found their source of livelihood. But every two or three months the river fills up with wastages.

In some areas of the river, the water has turned black due to rotting of water hyacinth and stench is emanating from it. 

The pest of mosquitoes has increased so much that it is impossible to stand, let alone sit on the banks of the river. But even in such a situation, the people of the area are forced to bathe and other household work in that water. Locals say that if you accidentally drink a little water while taking a bath or ablution, it causes diarrhea, dysentery and skin diseases.

Helal Uddin, director of Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College Hospital, said that if the river water becomes rotten and smelly due to lack of drinking, it can lead to various water borne infectious diseases including diarrhea and skin diseases. So it is advised to stay away from using this water. 

And if you are affected by a water borne disease, you should immediately seek treatment at the nearest hospital.

Matiur Rahman, Executive Engineer of Kishoreganj Water Development Board, said that no plan has been made to clean up sewage from the Narsunda River.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad said that necessary measures will be taken by forming a committee with all concerned to enhance the beauty of Narsunda River.