Narsingdi market glutted with Watermelon, prices higher

Published : 11 Mar 2023 07:56 PM

Watermelon, a juicy fruit of the summer season, starts arriving in different markets of the Narsingdi district.  But the prices of the fruit remain higher than usual leaving the consumers at bay.

The prices of a watermelon in Narsingdi’s Belabo Upazila varies from Tk 70-90 per kg or higher in retail markets the prices are higher depending on sizes, color and taste. According to the farmers, the current price is a bit higher as it is an early variety watermelon. 

There are still some days left for the start of the main watermelon season when supply will pick up and prices will come down, farmers and vendors said. Kashem, a resident of Belabo upazila, told that he came to the market to buy an early variety watermelon but as the prices are high, he bought a small one. Another consumer Topon Shutradhar bought a watermelon weighing 3kg as the summer fruit is favorite of his children.

“I bought a watermelon for my children despite the higher price,” he said, adding that the price is too high to afford for middle and low-income consumers. Abu Mia, A fruit vendor in Narsingdi’s Belabo market said, “The current price is a bit higher as it is an early variety watermelon. Many consumers just ask price and go as they cannot afford the fruit at this price,”

He however hopes that the price will come down when the supply will pick up after some days.

“We will reduce the price after wholesale sellers reduce too,” he mentioned.

Another watermelon vendor, Abu Mia said the sales are not picking up but he hoped that watermelon sales will increase ahead of Ramadan this month.

Watermelon is the most popular fruit in the sunny summer in this tropical weather. The country has seen a sufficient watermelon yield this season, but the consumers with the fixed income are not benefiting from the abundance of the summer fruit as the prices remain beyond their reach.

In 2022, farmers sowed seeds lately due to untimely rain and the fruits didn't mature before the Ramadan month that year. Ramadan month is the peak season for juicy watermelon marketing and sales.