Narayanganj land offices now business hub of illegal staff

Published : 15 Dec 2019 06:37 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 11:27 PM

Unauthorized staffs at union level and upazila land offices in Narayanganj are mainly working to exchange bribe from service seekers to office chief for different services, including mutation.

Over one hundred illegal staffs are working in the offices. They are involved in corruption and they have illicit relation with land grabbers.

There have 43 union level land offices and five upazila land offices in the district. The chief of upazila land office is an assistant commissioner while union level land office chief is assistant union land officer whose earlier identity was tawshildar widely known nayeb.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Narayanganj Md. Jasimuddin said, “I will take step against excess staff in land offices and I do not allow any extra staff out of organogram. I do not approve any worker of those offices in any basis of work.”

According to a reliable source of DC office, there are four staffs in each union level land office-- nayeb, an assistant nayeb and two peon, while upazila land offices have nine staffs including assistant commissioner, three peons, two surveyor, kanungo, an office assistant. But it was found that non government staff are working in all the land offices as the assistant of the each staff assistant and they are handling government document.

Union level land office is mostly corrupted. The offices take illegal money from the mutation seekers through the illegal staffs, said Samsul Haq a mutation seeker.

Sources claimed that if the Deputy Commissioner feels to need short time some staff he can temporarily appoint some peon level staff with the condition no work no pay and their titled are omedar. This kind of omedar’s bio-data is filed up in the deputy commissioner office at concerned department.

Directly denying of a query answer a source of deputy commissioner office who deals this sector that we have no affiliated omedar and adding that who is working in land offices its totally illegal.

Visiting the land office of Kashipur union it was found that eight staff are working there against four posts. Office boss’s personal assistants Jahir who was a readymade garments worker now become a man of crore extracting bribe who has no salary. There was not available office chief and tried to contract his government cell phone he did not receive.

The same scenery was found of the sadar upazila land office. Duplicate carbon receipt servicing and surveyor all surveyors computer operating by the illegal staff respect.

Majority land officers or staffs don’t do job of their own hands. They personally appointed staff and all deeds done by them. The important government documents are handled by them.

An extra worker of Kashipur union land office of Sadar upazila disclosed his identity in social media facebook he is computer operator since 2004, but such kind of post is not permitted in this level office.