Nancy’s song without remuneration

Popular singer Nancy is a regular on audio, film and stage shows. The singer generally takes a large sum of money in exchange for singing. This is why many people can not work with her even if they want to. It is as simple as having the wish but not the means. 

However, the singer has sung some songs without taking any large sum of money from the producer in exchange for singing. Already, Nancy has gotten a pat on the back from some people of the music arena for singing without taking any remuneration.

“I don’t think commercially about all songs,” said Nancy. “I sing some songs out of obligation even if I am not remunerated. I do not charge for singing any song about mother, patriotism or any public awareness songs. If I like the song I sing it.”

Nancy added, “In future, I do not want to receive any remuneration for such songs. I feel comfortable singing about my mother or my country.”