Nainda erosion creates panic among people

Published : 05 Apr 2023 08:42 PM

Locals of Sadarpur village is threatened by the erosion of the Nainda River in Shantiganj upazila of Sunamganj district. About fifty families of Sadarpur village on the bank of the Nainda River are spending sleepless nights due to the suddenerosion of the river.

Due to continuous erosion, many houses of the village, roads, and crop fields have already disappeared under the river. Several families of the village have already taken refuge elsewhere as their houses went under the river due to erosion. However, the Water Development Board has not taken any steps to prevent erosion. No action is being taken by the administration either.

“The whole day goes by like that, but as soon as darkness falls, the fear of death comes. As the intensity of river erosion is increasing, fear of houses fall into the river while sleeping also increases” This is how the people of Sunamganj's Shantiganj upazila expressed their feelings.

Locals said that the way the river is eroding has made it almost impossible for us to stay here. Our homestead may collapse within a few days. We have nowhere to go when the house collapses. We cannot afford to buy any new place.

 We are not getting any support. Worried about the family when everything goes down the river.

Many people also requested the government to provide rehabilitation.

Chairman of Dakshin Sunamganj Upazila Parishad. Farooq Ahmed said that the Upazila Parishad can't take action on river erosion. We are trying our best. Asking the Water Development Board to take action. Erosion has taken a terrible form. Many of those areas have moved elsewhere. Efforts are being made to evacuate those who are there to safety. They will be rehabilitated.

In this regard, Sunamganj District Water Development Board Office Executive Engineer Shamsuddoha said, we have the matter under our watch.

 Erosion can be caused by several reasons, one of which is the nature of the soil. No action has been taken yet to prevent erosion. A lot of money will be required for it. And taking steps to prevent erosion will not help, because the soil condition of that area is not good. No matter what steps are taken, erosion will continue.