‘Nabab LLB’ backtracks for Mahi

The shooting of ‘Nabab LLB’ is finished. Director Anonno Mamun said that the editing and dubbing work is almost over. The director has announced that the film will be released on October 23 on the occasion of Durga Puja. The work was going on according to his plan. Now only two songs are left.

With this film, Shakib Khan has returned to shooting after a long hiatus, with Mahiya Mahi and Sporshia. The director said that he will go to the new Maldives on October 16 to shoot the songs. But that was not possible. It is learned that it was not possible to go to Maldives yesterday mainly due to Mahi’s passport problem.

According to special sources, Mahi did not go to Maldives mainly because she will be with Shakib in the shooting of the song. But Mahi’s passport has expired and she submitted it to be renewed. But it was not possible to go to the Maldives for the shooting of ‘Nabab LLB’ on Friday as she did not get her passport in time.

Anonno Mamun said, “There has been a bit of trouble with Mahi’s passport. It will take another day or two. Hopefully we can go to the Maldives by October 19 or 20.”

Meanwhile, due to the delay in shooting of the song, there is uncertainty as to whether ‘Nabab LLB’ will be released on the 23rd of October as previously announced by the director.