N’ganj turns vulnerable district

Published : 10 Apr 2020 10:01 PM | Updated : 26 Aug 2020 08:46 AM

As the death toll immediately crossed seven, infected sixty two and six high officials went into home quarantine of them one is infected. 

Doctor Jahidul Islam, a vocal person of anti-virus committee in the district cum Narayanganj Sadar upazila health and family planning officer being infected corona virus few went isolation while a physician of Narayanganj General Hospital emergency department earlier infected and thus an emergency treatment providing is under suspension last five days. 

Deputy Commissioner Moha­mmad Jasimuddin, Superintendent of police Jayedul Alam, Civil Surgeon Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Resident medical officer, RMO, Dr. Asaduzzaman immediately went into home quarantine. Of them Institution od Epidemiology Disease Center and Research (IEDCR) tested sample of DC, Jasimuddin and published result status is negative. 

Although the entire district is officially under lockdown but the space of community transmission not yet countdown in zero level, because most of the people regularly moving different markets also here and there. Mostly alarming areas people where administration kept under surveillance the people of their went to marketing far distance and return home. Besides, peoples are in moving from one area or village to another village regularly and that's why community transmission probably increasing day by day. 

Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation, Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy and the civil citizen earlier demanded to the government to incourse curfew or lockdown the district but those are now became newly perception that these measures are not sufficient in around 30 lakh people leaving in the district. They now asking another effective measures has to take to stop the community transmission. 

The treatment facilities totally breakdown in the district as Narayanganj 100 bed General Hospital temporary suspended emergency treatment while 300 bed Hospital in the city widely known Khanpur hospital is under ready for providing only corona patient treatment. So, general patients are shifting to Narayanganj General Hospital and it’s outdoor treatment are already suspended. 

The Private Clinics Association of Narayanganj earlier declare to provide treatment to corona infected patients but nothing found so far in last days. 

Different socio-cultural organisations and civil citizens insisting on a single matter to stop community transmission in anyhow, if needed, more volunteer from people and inclusion Ansar VDP member making hundreds team and deploy in every area or villages that no one move here and there and it will bring a good result to interrupt the community transmission of corona virus.  A corona virus testing lab urgently to install in Narayanganj, demanned by the civil citizens.