N’ganj residents at risk for untraced returnees

Published : 27 Mar 2020 09:13 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 06:51 PM

The people of Narayanganj are feeling at risk for the factor that a huge number of expatriates have returned in the district in the month of March and many of them have not been traced yet.

District information officer Siraj-ud-Doula in a briefing cleared that a total of 5,968 people returned from abroad in Narayanganj from different countries in this month. Among the returnees only 280 peoples were traced and of them 49 are in home quarantine.

According to the basic statics it was learnt that till Friday at least 310 people are in home quarantine. Of them 3 people are in institutional quarantine in Rupganj Upazila, he added. On the other hand 553 physicians and health workers are ready for providing treatment in Narayanganj.

In the lockdown situation, district administration, police and army men are patrolling all area of the district and warning people to stay at home to prevent Coronavirus.

Besides, Narayanganj City Corporation has taken steps to raise awareness and distribute musk, hand sanitisers among people. Public representatives are also working at the grass root level and trying to help people at their own initiative.

Financially solvent people came forward and arranged for hand washing programmes. They installed basins with soap and water supply beside the roads for all to wash their hands.

Deputy Commissioner of Narauanganj Mohammad Jasimuddin and Superintendent of Police Jayedul Alam jointly staged awareness raising programmes for people in the city and urged inhabitants to remain at home.

Although residents are anxious about the untraced abroad returnees in the district, any corona virus patient was not found in Narayanganj.