N’ganj police looking for 4,500 fugitives

Published : 19 Feb 2021 11:25 PM

A large number warrant of arrests are still pending and waiting for executions in all seven police stations of Narayanganj district.

Police, however, mentioned of various reasons for non-execution of arresting those fugitives including the pandemic of COVID-19, alien criminals who have no permanent residents and the fugitives without any trace.

Among those 4,500 pending warrant of arrests, 334 are in Narayanganj Sadar Model Police station, 600 are in Fatulla model Police station, 249 are in Shiddirganj police station, 290 in Sonargaon police station, 2,430 are in Araihazar police station and 597 are under Bandar police station. 

It is learnt, police started a crack-down to nab those fugitives and sought help from local people to trace and capture them. Police also disclosed names of some hard-core criminals in public and hanged posters naming those criminals with photos and necessary information. Their names and indentities are also being posted in social media as well. 

Heads of all the seven police stations expressed the same opinion that it is impossible to nab those fugitive criminals by police alone without the help from the local people.  

Shah Jaman of Narayanganj Sadar model police station informed, the main problem to arrest those fugitive criminals is that most of them have no permanent addresses. Police were, however, trying their best, he added. 

It is learnt, Narayanganj is an overcrowded district where various categories of crimes are committed regularly,  some are by locals and others are by outsiders.In most cases, after committing a crime, the outsider criminals leave the district or go into hiding. As a result, it is often tough for police alone to trace and arrest those fugitives.