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N’ganj patients suffer for lack of ICU bed

Published : 21 Jun 2020 10:17 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 05:11 AM

The figure of corona infected people has now reached at 4,643 in Narayanganj in the last 106 days.

COVID-19 has already claimed 101 lives in the district while 1,986 people survived the infection. 21,607 samples have been collected here so far and 113 newly infected patients were identified in the last 24 hours, informed health department sources. District civil surgeon office disclosed this information to the media on Sunday.

As much as the death toll and new infected patients are increasing, the reluctant attitude of COVID-19 dedicated Khanpur 300 bed hospital is causing more sufferings to the citizens of the city. Treatment facilities are not found there as per the requirements.

Though 106 days have already elapsed, the hospital is still not providing corona patients requisite support and even the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is not operating yet.

MP from Narayanganj-4 constituency AKM Shamim Osman recently expressed his grave concern to the media that he made phone calls at least 50 times to the Health Minister asking rapid initiative to install ICU beds but no response was found by him. He also added, “I am tired”. 

I have contacted all health related key persons but none pay heed upon my words. Whatever they are doing, seventy days have gone since the Prime Minister ordered to set up an ICU unit in Khanpur hospital, he told the media on June 19.

The private hospital and clinics don’t carry out the government directives. No private hospital admits any corona patients in this perilous period.

Like toad-stool hundreds of clinics and private hospitals have been running brisk business violating the government rule in this district. With very limited facilities and physicians those private medical hospital are running showing thumb to the health department.

The conscious inhabitant and organizations of the district believe that all irregularities are possible here due to absence of proper supe