N’ganj markets flooded with adulterated mosquito coils

Published : 23 Feb 2020 09:02 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:51 AM

The inhabitants of the Narayanganj are suffering from two problems at the same time -- one is mosquito and the other is sub-standard mosquito coils that emit smoke. In the last months, mosquito nuisance have rapidly increased in the city and the outskirt of the city. People mostly use mosquito coils instead of mosquito net to escape from mosquito.

But the mosquito coil users told this correspondent that coils are failing to eliminate mosquito from their room and the severe smoke are making their eyes inflammatory. Adulterated mosquito coils flooded the market in different names, but the packets do not mention an address of the factory.   Several brands of mosquito coils in the market show the same address.

Branded company mosquito coils are unavailable in the market. When asked the shopkeepers about why the branded company coils are not found in their shops, they replied that these coils cost less than that of   branded coil. When asked a shopkeeper Khorshed at Bangla Bazaar area about the price of a packet of coils, he said he buys a packet of ten coils for at Tk 52 and sells it for Tk 80.   

Shopkeepers are benefitting from selling these cheap mosquito coils but purchasers and users are being cheated. Civil surgeon of Narayanganj DR. Imtiaz Ahmed told the Bangladesh Post that all kinds of mosquito coils are harmful because its smoke causes respiratory disease like asthma and bronchitis  especially among children and elderly people.  If the coil is sub-standard and adulterated it causes more harm than branded and standard mosquito coils.