N’ganj health department wants more Covid treatment centers

Published : 03 Apr 2021 09:30 PM

On rapid immensely infection of COVID-19 in the populous district Narayanganj the only one hospital providing treatment have been facing crisis due to both accommodation and necessary men power.

In the last year of April the government had declared a dedicated corona patients treatment hospital to Khanpur 300 bed hospital with the capacity of 100 patient seats of them only 10 are Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Doctor Abul Bashar, superintendent of Khanpur 300 bed hospital told the Bangladesh Post that everyday people are infected more than the previous day and of all try to rush to this hospital but having no capacity for Intensive Care support we have to refer them to Dhaka.

He also added that we had already placed the proposal to the authority concerned to declare another one or more private or government health centers to declare a corona dedicated hospital very soon.

The death toll of corona patients had reached 129, infected almost 11,000 and so far tested over 1 lakhs people in the district. After getting any positive case we have been providing treatment twice policy. Some of them are provided treatment at home by the physician over tele-prescription and others who deteriorated physically then we suggested him or her be hospitalized.  But we have no sufficient capacity to provide treatment to the deteriorated patients who need Intensive Care or other major treatment needed, he added.

According to the reports of Khanpur corona dedicated hospital it is learned that 8 patients are at ICU and 66 are in general bed patients.

It’s an alarming situation that the majority of critical patients of COVID-19 have to move to a private clinic or any other hospital in Dhaka, rather he or she has to spend time on way of moving and in such condition some has to face the ill-fate.

So, in view of providing the sufficient treatment of each infected patient Narayanganj health department imposes the request to the authority concerned, mentioning some government and private medical centers to open only corona treatment in a short time.