‘Myself Allen Swapan’ spinoff series coming this Eid

Published : 28 Mar 2023 09:40 PM

A new teaser of "Myself Allen Swapan" directed by Shihab Shaheen has revealed the release date of the spin-off series. In this series funny character Allen Swapan will be back with his smuggling business this upcoming Eid. The teaser was released on the official Facebook page of Chorki. The teaser starts with the sound of someone walking in a dark, shabby room, where we see  Allen Swapan slowly getting closer to the camera with his signature outfit and smile. Then, Nasir Uddin Khan introduces himself as Allen Swapan and announces that he will be coming soon.   

With Chorki's original series, "Syndicate," Nasir Uddin Khan carved a place in the hearts of the audience by overshadowing the big stars. In that series, he played the role of a leader of the money laundering group, Allen Swapan. The character was so beloved by the audience that now it will have a spin-off series. 

The spin-off series will be focused on the origin story of the character and how he became a lord in the money laundering business from being a small drug dealer in Chittagong.

The series also stars Rafiath Rashid Mithila as the wife of Allen Swapan, Shimla, Sentu, and Sumon Anwar, among others. 

The series was shot in different parts of Dhaka, and Chittagong.