Myanmar must stop unjustified campaign

High time to take responsibility

The repatriation of Rohingyas back to their homeland of Rakhine state has been on the agenda of Bangladesh for the two years. Since the expulsion of the Rohingyas, the government of Bangladesh has been working diligently to fix the situation so that no strain forms over the sovereignty of the two nations. However, Myanmar has consistently avoided coming to a resolution on this issue. Moreover, the Myanmar government has also gone on a farfetched approach and claimed that Bangladesh has not been cooperative for the repatriation whereas no stones have been left unturned by the Bangladesh government to find a suitable solution of the issue.

Bangladesh has been so far seeking help from China to come to a suitable solution with Myanmar regarding repatriation. Although China has agreed to help in some way, still, there are boundaries of diplomacy which a sovereign nation cannot cross to mediate between two other sovereign states. Thus any concrete approach from China as to telling Myanmar to repatriate the Rohingyas is a far cry. Yet, there must be some plausible way which the two Countries, Bangladesh and Myanmar, can follow to come to a proper solution.

The baton is now with Myanmar

 to come up with a solution to

 address the Rohingya crisis

According to historians, Rohingyas are a distinct ethnic community in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, having evolved over the centuries through mingling of migrated people of various races and cultures from different parts of the world with the local people in Rakhine. Attempts to create controversy over their identity at this stage clearly indicate that Myanmar still pursues the policy of exclusion and marginalization of its ethnic minorities.

The baton is now with Myanmar to come up with a solution to address the Rohingya crisis. On the other hand, the issue requires concrete intervention from the international community for pressurizing Myanmar to settle this issue of regional importance.