Mushroom growth of unauthorised hospitals

Published : 16 Jan 2024 09:35 PM

Many private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres are operating in the country without licences, putting the lives of patients on the line. The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has provided licences to around 8000 private hospitals and 9000 so far.

But a large number of private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres mushroomed in different places of the country in recent times and those are providing health services in unhygienic atmosphere. That is why the DGHS earlier asked the authorities to conduct drive against the hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres operating illegally in the country and to seal them off.

And the authorities also sealed off many private hospitals, and clinics operating without licences. However, the owners returned to their illegal business in the name of providing medical services to the people immediately after the drive.  On the other hand, authorised private hospitals and clinics hardly abide by rules in providing services to patients. Therefore, the newly appointed health and family welfare minister professor Dr Samanta Lal Sen asked the authorities to seal off all unauthorised hospitals and clinics across the country with immediate effect.

On the first day of his office, Samanta Lal Sen has already made his stand clear that all citizens of the country must get health service, saying categorically he would do everything whatever is required in this regard. The health minister said legal action would be taken against the persons, who are involved running hospitals, diagnostic centers and clinics illegally.

All unauthorised hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinics across the country must be sealed off. Therefore, the government will launch drive against the unauthorised private hospitals, clinics and diagnostics centers. 

A large number of private hospitals,

 clinics and diagnostic centres 

mushroomed in different places 

of the country

We see a mushroom growth of private clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres across the country. Of them some provide good services while many others are unable to do that. Besides, some do not have adequate medical equipment either.

Even many are being operated without physicians and licence. Apart from these, various charges at different clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres are also causing harassment for people every day.

On the other hand, many patients have also died allegedly due to wrong treatment or doctor’s mistake in the operation theatre. We also see cases of these private clinics holding patients or their bodies hostage due to unpaid bills.

All these hospitals and clinics are not registered with the government. Many steps were taken earlier in this regard but a section of dishonest people in association with local musclemen are still running clinics and diagnostics centers illegally. If the government gets tough on the dishonest syndicate, this step will help bring discipline in the private hospitals in our country and ensure better treatment for patients. 

In this regard, the government will also have to take an initiative to fix the charges of medical services at private hospitals as per their service standards in a bid to reduce the harassment of patients.

Besides, the provision of not establishing any clinic for patients without licence would help taking tougher action against illegal authorities. We appreciate the new health minister for focusing on improving healthcare services through adopting different updated and effective measures in the health sector.