Mural of Bangabandhu in Kaliganj for celebrating Mujib Barsho

Published : 12 Mar 2020 06:54 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 07:18 PM

A financially insolvent artiste in Kaliganj upazila town of Jhenidah has been making a seven feet and five inches high earth mural of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman at his own cost.

57 year old Subhas Das hails from Arpara village of the upazila, now residing at Kotchandpdur road has taken initiative to present the mural marking the birth centenary of Bangabandhu. It is the proof of his great love and honour to “Great Mujib”, Subhas Das said.

Subhas, an artiste draws picture on canvas, writes signboard, banner, festoon, placard and teaches the students how to draw the same, was making the mural with clay where huge people were witnessing the uncommon creation of the aged man.

Talking to this correspondent the great artiste said he spends 50 per cent of his earning for the family members, while remaining for making mural, drawing photos and other activities following Bangabandhu.

The amiable man said he is a composer of songs, lyrist and musician. He composed a total of six songs on Sheikh Mujib and added lyrics on them. For a suitable music he went to Kolkata and set the lyric with renowned musicians there spending huge money. 

He also made four sculptures of Mujib. The size of the largest was 7 feet by 5 feet. Two pictures of the size of 50 feet by 30 feet and 25 feet by 15 feet were also drawn on canvas by the artiste which he has been preserving at his home.

Regarding making the mural of Bangabandhu, Subhas said he has been using clay earth, straw and bamboo from the market on credit where he did not seek assistance from anyone. To show love, affection and honour to Mujib he desires to make it with bronze for a permanent shape before the nation.

He made a music video titled “Mujib Tumi Mishe Achho Bangaleer Praney” (Mujib you are in heart of the Benagalees) to present the same to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He used the photos in the video which he had drawn.

Subhas said two of his eyes were affected when he was drawing a picture of Mujib on a canvas. He treated his right eye, while left one could not be treated for financial constraints.

Kaliganj upazila parishad chairman Jahangir Siddiquee Thandu expressing his reaction said Sunbas is really a fan to Bangabandhu and always he dreams of great leadership of his successor daughter Sheikh Hasina for more and more sustainable development.

Lawmaker of Jhenidah-4 constituency Anwarul Azim Anar said he also loves and praises the work of Subhas Das. He will take necessary steps to produce him before the Prime Minster for a courtesy visit shortly.