Munshiganj admin firm in efforts to enforce lockdown

Published : 08 Jul 2021 09:44 PM

On the seventh day of the lock down, the flow of people in Munshiganj did not stop. People have been seen gathering in the market places since Wednesday morning to buy daily necessities and for other reasons.

Visiting various spots in Munshiganj city it was found that, road mixer or auto rickshaw were not running like other days, but the flow of people on foot does not seem to have stopped. Although the local administration is in a strict position to implement the lockdown, the general public is not going to be kept under house arrest.

Although the administration and members of various forces are active in the field, the people are ignoring them and are going out of the house to buy necessary items and various excuses. Meanwhile, corona infection is increasing day by day in Munshiganj. Even then, the people seem to be moving around without caring about it.

Last Tuesday, the administration announced to close all the shops by miking, but almost every shop in the market is open. Also half of the other shops are running business by opening the shutters.

Regarding the implementation of the lockdown, Ellora Yasmin, Assistant Commissioner, JM Branch, said, "We are making every effort to implement the lockdown." In Munshiganj district, 23 executive magistrates were on duty at the field level in the lockdown situation on Tuesday. 

Members of the police, army, BGB, RAB, naval police and Ansar are also on duty. During this time, 8 cases were filed against shops, vehicles and various people for not complying with the lockdown. A fine of Tk 56,250 has been levied in the case.