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Multiple prgms to confront environmental crisis

Published : 27 Nov 2019 08:51 PM | Updated : 31 Aug 2020 12:42 AM

Bangladesh faces enormous challenge from environmental pollution and ecological changes and to confront such crisis the government seeks eco-friendly sustainable development. “In view of this the government has outlined several projects to ensure food security, ecological development and to tackle air pollution,” said Mohammad Abdur Razzaque, Minister of Agriculture while addressing at an international conference held at Dhaka University on Wednesday.

The Minister was speaking at the two-day international conference organized on “Environmental solution for sustainable development: towards developed Bangladesh” organized by Bangladesh Awami league. The first-ever such international conference is being held at the campus with the theme - “Green environment for sustainable development.”

“Awami league vowed to secure green environment in its electoral manifesto before the election and now the government is working hard to confront the environmental challenges. Bangladesh is also working to achieve the goals of SDG. To save our environment we have to share experiences and work together to confront the challenges.” the Minister stated. The Minister said, “Bangladesh was once labeled as bottomless basket, model of poorest country in the world but fortunately today I’m happy to note that Bangladesh is now well recognized for its economic and social development.”

“Ecological issue is not a national or regional problem. In fact, it has now emerged as world’s worst problem. It is time for the world leaders have to work together to confront the challenges.” he added. The Minister also said, “World leaders once had mentioned that Bangladesh won’t survive independently but now, we don’t need to depend on foreign aid. We are now self-sufficient in food and many other basic necessities and the nation is marching ahead.”

While inaugurating the conference, the Dhaka University Vice Chancellor, Prof Akhtaruzzaman said, “Ecological development is crying needs for sustainable development. We need to secure green environment by reducing carbon emission. Reducing ecological footprint is the solution of sustainable of development.”

“This conference will help Bangladesh to gain SDG goals by 2030. The inter-acting programme designed between academicians and politicians would indeed help many to be exposed to modern methods of environment conservation,” the VC Stated. Abdus Sobhan Golap said, as the special guest, “It’s a rare example for Bangladesh to be able to arrange such a conference by a political party.”

Organizing Committee president, Prof of Department of Chemistry Prof. MD. Aftab Ali said, “Action to Mitigation (Reduction of Carbon) and adaptation should start as early as possible. earliest time as Bangladesh faces enormous challenges from ecological disaster,” Noted environment expert and Emeritus Professor Dr Ainun Nisat presented the keynote paper while, Dr Atiq Rahman and Gregory J Howard gave the plenary Lectures. Environment scientists from more than 20 countries are participated at the conference.