Muhurat of feature film ‘Monolok’ held

Published : 19 Nov 2021 10:01 PM

The inauguration programme of the exceptional psychological feature film titled ‘Monolok’ took place at Lamda Hall of Gulshan Club on Wednesday. The film was produced by Hafiz Alam Bakhsh and written and directed by ShahidRayhan. Prominent cultural personality and former cultural affairs minister Asaduzzaman Noor, MP, was present at the programme as chief guest.

This event was the formal inauguration of the long preparation that took place to bring to the realm of reality the inevitable rise of independent Bangladesh, the post-independence political trend, the pro and anti-independence notions, the prevailing dissent about it and the impact it made on the political career of important political leaders – their unspoken emotions and philosophy.

 It was a new look to the portrayal of the long-cherished dream of independence in the people's hearts, Bangladesh, the conflict and the rare and abstract philosophical warfare in the intellectual battlefield. Producer Shahid Rayhan firmly believes that ‘Monolok’’ will play a widespread role outside the silver screen of films in creating a sense of security about the country's independence and sovereignty in the minds of the masses and determining of friends and enemies in life amid the black and white world of reality.

The narrative of the film ‘Monolok’ is a sensitive attempt to portray the political situation and philosophical thought process about independence and its opposition and a fictional analysis of unrevealed thoughts and dialogues of some important people, which may also change the established familiar notions on the matter.

In the chief guest's speech, Asaduzzaman Noor, a renowned drama and culture personality, highly praised this initiative with exceptional remarks and congratulations. Breaking the boundaries of traditional filmmaking, Monolok's Producer Hafiz Alam Bakhsh, an art lover based in the United Kingdom and also the CEO of ATN Bangla UK, and Shahid Rayhan, a hardworking and established filmmaker, took the bold initiative to bring this idea to life along with several film-industry peers whose competent help and advice took this initiative forward towards completion. 

Perfect characterisation and casting was another difficult journey, and several prominent and professional actors from the country's theatre and film industry voluntarily became a part of the initiative. Some of them are - Nipun, Fazlur Rahman Babu, DipaKhandaker, Samu Chowdhury, MA Bari, AK Azad Setu, JayitaMahalanobish, Niaz Tarek, Masud Mohiuddin, Ashraful Ashish, Aryan and others.