MPO facilities for non-govt educational instts

Irregularities, nepotism must be wiped out

Published : 19 Mar 2022 09:12 PM

More educational institutions are being brought under the Monthly Payment Order (MPO) coverage by this month. Over 4,500 applications were submitted by junior and secondary schools and higher secondary and degree colleges while around 3,900 by madrasah and technical educational institutions.

Teachers and employees of the MPO registered educational institutions receive the main part of their monthly salary and some allowances from the government. Reportedly, over 90,000 teachers and employees of the total around 8,500 educational institutions are eagerly waiting for MPO inclusion. We hope the authorities concerned will check, recheck and crosscheck to complete the scrutiny process. In this regard, they all will have to keep in mind that whether the educational institutions have been established considering the population and the number of students of the relevant area. They must strictly complete scrutiny of infrastructural locations of the institutions and papers of lands. Legal steps should be taken against the educational institutions those are providing false information over inclusion in the MPO scheme in this regard.

Irregularities, nepotism and regional 

discrimination must be wiped out in

 the process of MPO enlistment

The government’s MPO to many educational institutions across the country were cancelled in the past as they had poor percent pass rate in the public examinations. It is alleged that a section of corrupt officials in association with the influential political leaders are involved in manipulating the listing of MPO process in many ways in exchange of huge amount of bribe. So, in many cases qualified institutions are being excluded from the list while the disqualified ones enjoy MPO facilities. Therefore, the quality of education has not been maintained in those institutions which have been established in proper way and at such places where they are not needed.

Assuming in the state power in 2009, the government has so far brought a total of the country’s 1,624 non-government educational institutions under the MPO system to enhance the quality of education. Only the qualified institutions would be brought under the MPO system every year. Also, irregularities, nepotism and regional discrimination must be wiped out in the process of MPO enlistment.