Move to stabilise essential market

Hold talks with locals

The prices of essential goods in the country are ever fluctuating. Experts say that it is caused because of the meddling of middlemen or syndicates working to keep prices high for their vested interests. However, it is encouraging to know that different ministries, headed by the commerce ministry, will work together to make the market stable by breaking syndicates and unholy clique for the sake of the people.

As per a report published in this daily, an integrated initiative of the ministries and departments concerned to control the prices of essentials is now most pertinent. The Ministry of Commerce has already taken such an initiative to keep the meddlesome syndicates out of the bounds of markets and farmers.

This initiative will only prove beneficial if 

the result is positive and the bane of 

syndication is removed for good

This initiative will only prove beneficial if the result is positive and the bane of syndication is removed for good. The report further elaborates on the commerce ministry’s sense of urgency about this matter as an emergency meeting will soon be called for this issue. Furthermore, the existing laws and regulations will be enforced more strictly with resulting punitive actions for any violators.

This bodes well for the public as it is high time for the market to reach a stable condition. The irregularity in prices cause much distress amongst the general public. This should not be the case. Instead of pointing fingers at each other the authorities concerned should come together and hold dialogues with the public to device a plausible solution. Already there were various efforts by private institutions to bring the markets under control and out of the reach of syndicates.