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Move to modernise Mujibnagar

Tk 409-crore project awaits ECNEC nod

Published : 20 Apr 2021 09:18 PM | Updated : 20 Apr 2021 11:57 PM

Mujibnagar will be expanded and modernized in order to preserve the real history for the new generation and attract more tourists by upgrading the memorial to world standard.

As part of its move, the government has undertaken a project titled “Establishment of Mujibnagar Liberation War Memorial Center” involving Tk 409.09 crore.

A Planning Commission official said the project has been proposed to the Planning Commission.

The project will be implemented by the Department of Public Works from this year to June 2024 if approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), he added.

According to sources, during the War of Liberation, the expatriate government of the country took oath on April 17 at Baidyanathtala village in Meherpur district.

The village of Baidyanathtala was named Mujibnagar in the name of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. After the War of Liberation, the government had taken initiative to make Mujibnagar memorable.

On August 31, 1973 the government had ordered the construction of a memorial at Mujibnagar.

The project was officially inaugurated by acting President Syed Nazrul Islam on April 17, 1974 on Mujibnagar Day, but after 1975 the work of the project came to a standstill.

Later, during the regime of HM Ershad, an initiative was taken to complete the work of the memorial at Mujibnagar in 1986 and about two crore Taka was allocated for this.

The memorial is set up on 20.10 acres of land. However, several installations at the present Memorial Center are remained unfinished. As part of its move, the Ministry of Liberation War has proposed the project at an estimated cost of Tk 409.09 crore to the Planning Commission to upgrade the memorial to world standard.

Giving the opinion of the Sector Division of the Planning Commission in the working paper of the PEC meeting, Tk 65 crore has been proposed for the acquisition of 51 acres of land under the project.

Besides, Tk 75.09 crore has been proposed for the construction of 18,825.50 sq kms residential buildings and Tk 140.90 crore for the construction of 1,65,803 sq km non-residential buildings.

Tk 48.59 crore has been proposed for construction of 24 bronze sculptures, Tk 15.77 crore has been proposed for painting, mural, diorama and 75 maps.

Besides, Tk 23.50 crore has been proposed in the electrification sector.

In the IT sourcing sector, Tk 52.92 lakh has been proposed for 294 people.

Besides, Tk 63 lakh and Tk 10.50 lakh have been proposed for the salaries of officers and employees.