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Move to make vax certificates mandatory

Published : 06 Jan 2022 10:32 PM

The government is considering making vaccine certification mandatory for dining at restaurants, visiting shopping malls as well as while traveling in planes, trains and launches, said Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam.

He made the remarks at a press briefing after the cabinet meeting on Thursday. 

The cabinet secretary said, “A specific time would be fixed for the people traveling in planes, trains and launches along with those dining at restaurants, visiting shopping malls, so that no one can enter or visit these places without a double vaccination certificate. We have to move towards such a plan.”

He further said that it has already been decided. 

“We have a technical committee, and after discussing with them in a day or two, we will issue an order,” he said. 

He also said that no one can go outside the house without wearing a mask under any circumstances.

The cabinet secretary said, “Motivational and promotional programmes will be carried out in this regard from now on if necessary. Attempts will be made to implement it through law enforcement agencies or mobile courts as well.”

The cabinet secretary mentioned that gatherings would be limited in social, political and religious functions and hygiene rules would be made mandatory including wearing of masks. 

He said that if the technical committee agrees, they may impose a restriction so that no more people over a specific number can be present at a function.

“If the coronavirus situation aggravates, public transports would be directed to carry passengers at only half the capacity. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) will be directed in this regard so that the fares are not increased in that case,” he added. 

He said that special discussions have been held on Omicron. 

“I had a meeting on January 3 under the chairmanship of the Home Minister. The point that has been emphasized is that vaccination programmes must be strengthened. We have to see whether the administration of the booster dose can be further expanded,” he said. 

The cabinet secretary said, “Screening should be done at airports or other ports as much as possible. Cargo port sailors will be instructed so that they don’t disembark. They must stay on the ship. This instruction has been given. The pilots of our country stay on the planes that go abroad.”

People will not be allowed to enter the Trade Fair and Book Fair without vaccination certificates, he added.