Move for electric cars on

High time to switch to new tech

Published : 20 Dec 2020 09:38 PM | Updated : 21 Dec 2020 01:41 AM

The whole world is turning towards renewable energy and is researching to convert tools and machines that rely on fossil fuel to an eco-friendly solution that will help people in the long-run. To this end, there are already a number of companies, worldwide, who are producing electric cars and have commercially started selling electric cars for a better future. It is hopeful to say this is a big leap for the better future for the whole world.

According to a report published in this daily, Bangladesh’s focus on economic development is a key point because of which foreign investment in manufacturing electric cars in Bangladesh is being sought which will be able to boost the country’s economy. Already there are a number of production plants in Bangladesh where vehicles are assembled. Going forward, electric car manufacturing will be a sustainable leap towards bolstering the economy of the country for a better future.

To keep pace with the world we need to ensure 

the smooth conversion to electric cars for the collective 

welfare of the world

The report also elaborates that foreign companies, including Toyota of Japan, have expressed their keen interest in producing cars in Bangladesh, which will help the country to enter a new era as it is a totally new sector. It will also be a step towards matching the flow with world progress. To this end, we are hopeful to know that the government is working to make a policy for attracting foreign investors in the new sector.

As years roll by and a new decade is upon us, we should look towards eco-friendly options in all sectors. In this continuation, we should also be prolific and look towards producing cars that don’t follow conventional means of car production. Also, we should improve the import of reconditioned cars as it is a massive sector creating employment opportunities.

Above all, the automotive scene of Bangladesh is something that has developed massively in the last decades. To keep pace with the world we need to ensure the smooth conversion to electric cars for the collective welfare of the world.