Moushumi Hamid learns guitar

The world has come to a standstill because of the coronavirus. All kinds of work have stopped. Like all fields, the media world has also been affected badly by the virus. There is no drama, telefilm or movie work going on anywhere. People at stuck home in fear of contracting the virus. Stars are no exception. 

Now the shootings are off. The stars are spending time at home. But some are busy doing other work during this leisure time. Lux star actress Moushumi Hamid said that she was learning guitar. She said, “Learning guitar is a longtime dream of hers. Now I am fulfilling that wish. My biggest goal was learning guitar. 

But I could not do so due to lack of time. I took this time of home quarantine as a blessing. If this circumstance had not come up, then I would have never learned guitar in life.’ Moushumi also said to others who are at home, 'Do something fun at home that will distract you from worrying too much. You will feel better.’