Mother is my inspiration for politics

Eanmul Haque Shameem says at a function

“My mother always thinks of the unshielded people specially the people lived along the banks of rivers since riverbank erosion, one of the major natural disasters in Bangladesh.” 

Deputy Minister for Water Resources and Awami League Organizing Secretary A K M Enamul Haque Shameem made this comment while he was distributing saree and lungi at Naria Shaheed Minar in Shariatpur on Tuesday ahead of the first death anniversary of his mother Begum Ashrafun Neesa.

“She, very cautiously, defused among us to realize the untold miseries of the people affected by the river erosion and learnt to stand besides the needs of unprotected people.  Her guideline and directives shapes my view about the people and countrymen and she continuously inspired me to do the politics for the development of our beloved country. Now, the way I made my decision infiltrate from her directions and vision,” the Awami League Organizins Secretary Shameem said.

“I am quite happy for being her son. Since she loved the people, so, her love and affection towards the people will keep alive by serving you and this offering is nothing but a little attempt to repay my debt to my mother”, Shameem added.  

Its mentionable here that Begum Ashrafun Neesa, a Ratnagarbha Ma (mother of talents), is the venerated mother of deputy minister for Water Resources Enamul Haque Shameem. Shameem has two brothers and one sister. 

On the memory of her mother’s death anniversary, Enamul Haque Shameem will place his wreath and Jiarat at her mother’s grave on tomorrow morning. 

Begum Ashrafun Neesa passed away on May 15, 2018. In memoirs of Begum Ashrafun Neesa her sons formed a foundation named after ‘Begum Ashrafun Neesa Foundation’. This foundation had chalked out different programs including dua and ifter mahfils at the every mosque of 24 unions of Naria and Shakhipur upozila of Shariatpur district.