Mother, daughter vying for same post in Tentulia UP election

Published : 31 Oct 2021 09:28 PM | Updated : 03 Nov 2021 12:12 PM

Both the mother and the daughter are vying for the Reserved Women's Seat at the Union Parishad elections of Tentulia Sadar union.

As the contestant, the daughter is participating the election campaign for the seat. After getting the allocation of the election symbols, both mother and the daughter are moving door to door seeking votes in favour of their candidacy.  The candidates are: Jibon Nahar, wife of former Vice-Chairman Ismael Hossain of Satadal Adarshagram and her daughter Bulbui Akhter wife of Abu Sayem of the same village. 

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They have been contesting for the reserved women seat on ward 7,8 and 9. Three more candidates are also in the election fray for the seat.

With bundles of promises, both the mother and the daughter are visiting houses of the voters from morning to the late night. None of them are lagging behind in publicity. The voters are also confused in choosing their candidate from between the mother and the daughter. Some of the voters have also expressed a mixed reaction over the mother-daughter dilemma. 

According to local people Jibon Naher is the female member for the last two-terms. Her position is also better during the current year of elections. Local voters Salauddin and Yousuf Ali informed voters are confused over choosing a single candidate between the mother and the daughter.