Mostafa Quamrus Sobhan made Honorary Consul of Uruguay in Bangladesh

Published : 14 Nov 2023 08:16 PM | Updated : 14 Nov 2023 08:16 PM

Renowned industrialist Mostafa Quamrus Sobhan has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of Uruguay in Bangladesh.

The Chief of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nayem Uddin Ahmed, formally handed over the Letter of Exequatur, issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. AK Abdul Momen, to Mostafa Quamrus Sobhan in a ceremony on Tuesday, November 14.  

This official document, officially recognizes Sobhan empowering him to exercise his duties as an official representative of Uruguay in Bangladesh.

Sobhan, a distinguished industrialist and philanthropist, having graduated from Nottingham Trent University, UK in 1999 and later becoming the CEO of Dragon Group in 2010, he also holds the position of Director at Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited and Rupali Insurance Company Limited. 

His commitment to peace through trade and cultural exchange is central to his assigned mission.

As the first-ever Honorary Consul of Uruguay in Bangladesh, Mr. Sobhan envisions building bridges between the two nations. Beyond his roles as an industrial leader and director of insurance companies, he is driven by a vision to strengthen ties through mutual understanding and collaboration. His commitment to fostering peace is not only commendable but also strategic. 

Sobhan believes that cultural exchanges and trade partnerships can transcend geographical boundaries, creating a foundation for lasting diplomatic relations. 

In assuming this vital role, Mr. Sobhan aims to create a platform for dialogue, cooperation, and mutual growth amongst the two countries. The Letter of Exequatur serves as a formal endorsement of his position and responsibilities, solidifying his status as aofficial representative of Uruguay in Bangladesh.

A key aspect of Mr. Sobhan's mission as Honorary Consul is to strengthen the bonds between Bangladesh and Uruguay through trade and cultural exchanges. Drawing inspiration from his father, the former BGMEA President Mostafa Golam Quddus.