Most government residences in Chuadanga are uninhabitable

Published : 13 Nov 2021 09:48 PM

Most of the government houses in Chuadanga have become uninhabitable for a long going negligence in maintenance. As a result, government officials and employees are living in the buildings taking risks of their lives.

It is learned that due to non-declaration of abandonment, government officials are forced to live, in these quarters, constructed more than half a century ago.

Visiting on spot, it was seen that cracks have appeared in the walls of most of the buildings. The plaster on the roof and walls is falling off. The same is true of floors and stairs while, most of the doors and windows are broken. 

When it rains, the roof of the buildings leak and water drips inside the houses. Some buildings are completely empty due to high risk. Algae has accumulated on the walls and roofs of these buildings while, the neighborhood is full of weeds.

The Water Development Board (WDB) has the most uninhabitable quarters in the district town. There are a total of 35 quarters for everyone from first to fourth class employees.

Of these, 34 are completely uninhabitable. So, these 34 quarters are currently empty. Even the only quarter that is livable has problem of its own. The roof of this quarter leaks when it rains. 

Executive Engineer of Chuadanga WDB Arif Ahmed said 34 out of 35 quarters were uninhabitable and no one lives there. In the meantime, a letter has been sent to the head office to declare 20 out of those quarters abandoned.

He further said that according to the rules, these buildings have to be demolished. This requires processing. They have written to Dhaka about the abandoned building. If they give permission, further action will be taken by calling auction. However, action is being taken to ensure that no one stays in the risky buildings.

Adjacent to Chuadanga railway station, there are 50 quarters for railway officials and employees. The condition of the buildings in the railway colony is also fragile. Railway officials and employees are living there at the risk of their lives.

The condition of the doctor’s quarters, third and fourth class staff quarters of Chuadanga Sadar Hospital is also not very good. The hospital has eight units for doctors but, the condition of these units is not great. As a result, doctors do not want to live there. The official residence of the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) is also uninhabitable and has remained vacant for 10 long years. The condition of four units in the third class quarters and six units in the fourth class quarters is also critical. There are also five dormitories for second class nurses, which are also in bad shape.

Three of the 10 government quarters in the District Food Control Office are also uninhabitable. The other seven are being lived in with some kind of repair.

There are eight government units for the staff of the District Livestock Office, which have been lying vacant for 15 years now. Besides, three quarters of government Shishu Poribar and two quarters of District BADC (Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation) are also uninhabitable.

Officers and employees were seen living with their families in 22 units of six government housing buildings constructed in the town under the Public Works Department. 

Residents of the dilapidated buildings said that the condition of the quarters of the third and fourth class employees was not good. The condition of these buildings is so risky that an accident can occur at any time there.

Executive Engineer (Additional Responsibilities) of Public Works Department Shambhu Ram Pal said according to government rules, the term of a building is 50 years. 

Most of the buildings have already expired. However, there are some quarters which are in a better condition, he added.