Mosquitoes make life miserable

Destroy breeding sites, clean lakes

Published : 17 Mar 2024 10:20 PM

The culex mosquito menace has reached an intolerable level across the city and its suburbs in recent times due to the lack of mosquito control activities of the two city corporations. 

Culex, also known as common house mosquitoes transmit viruses that cause parasitic disease like lymphatic, filariasis, tularemia, thalassemia and other diseases. The mosquito population usually increases during summer and monsoon because of heavy rain accompanied by floodwater. Places filled with rainwater are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

People living in the capital Dhaka and its adjacent cities and towns alleged that the mosquitoes are spreading fast mainly due to the inability of the city corporations to destroy the breeding grounds of mosquitoes.At dusk, mosquitoes in swarm start coming out of their hideouts to launch desperate attacks. Mosquitoes are also biting the city people in daytime.People are using mosquito coils during the daytime in some places of the city as they have no other option to get relief from mosquito bites. However, it is unfortunate that the Dhaka South City Corporation and Dhaka North City Corporation authorities are not taking any effective action in this regard.

At dusk, mosquitoes in swarm

 start coming out

 of their hideouts to launch 

desperate attacks

DNCC mayor Atiqul Islam said instead of fish farming, all the lakes of Baridhara, Gulshan, and Uttara have turned into breeding grounds of mosquito. His (Atiqul) statement raised the brows about who is responsible for cleaning the lakes and destroying the mosquito larvae.    

By such statement what message does the mayor want to give the city dwellers?  It is a matter of regret that no mosquito control activities have been carried out yet.

We are scared of diseases spread by mosquito. The density of matured culex mosquito increased by fourfolds in the capital Dhaka and the adjacent areas as well this month, leaving people in danger. So, the authorities should take immediate mosquito control measures ahead of the rainy season to prevent the spread of various mosquito-borne diseases including dengue.